Dartmouth’s New College Try

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

-Kairos is used through Marcus’ immediate issuance of the op-ed relative to the new policy.

– Her hook is effective because she starts by saying “Dartmouth is giving college drinking a new try,” which would catch the reader’s attention because it would be taken out of context.

– 1. “(Fraternities, that’s you.)”     2. “pregaming”          3. “pong”

– “For this we’re spending $65,000 a year?”    “Seriously, if these people put as much dedication into schoolwork as they do into obtaining alcohol, they’d all be Rhodes scholars.”

– “Not true.”   “Learning.”

– By the middle of fall term, 35 percent become high-risk drinkers (defined as four or more drinks for women, five or more drinks for men on at least one occasion in the previous two weeks) compared with 26 percent among college students nationwide.

– after “for this we’re spending $65,000 a year?” She argues Dartmouth should take more drastic measures in cracking down on alcohol consumption.


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