Arapahoe H.S. Report

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Comparing the assertions of Steinem and Wise in relation to school violence, Pierson both supports and deviates from their writings. Pierson had indeed attacked a small, quiet community, which had not ever expected such a crime. This statement is proven by a student interview in the Arapahoe H.S. Police Report (11). The writing of Wise puts forth much effort to articulate the lack of realization in quiet, predominantly white neighborhoods, that evil is all around them and can strike at any time. In this case, Karl Pierson was the proof. On the other hand, Pierson  deviates from the claims based on the ideas of Steinem’s “supremacy.” There were no specific people targeted for being minorities. Rather, Pierson simply killed out of hate for the people as a whole.

Pierson and Harris were both full of hate, causing them immense anger at all times. This is an obvious reason for both of them to be prescribed to certain medication in order to try and control these emotions. With the help of failed medication, both Harris and Pierson found enjoyment in planning their shootings of their schools, which is proven through their documented journals. Although Eric Harris claimed to have been bullied and tormented, he had a close- knit set of friends that he was able to interact with out of his own choice and interest. Pierson, according to the Arapahoe Police Report, had no documented friends, which perhaps gave him more of a credible motive as to what he had decided to do at his high school.


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