Harris Journal Writing Activity

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

“…people say “you shouldn’t be so different” to me, and 1st I say fuck you don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t be and 2nd mother fuckers different is good, I don’t want to be like you or anyone which is almost impossible this day with all the little shits trying to be “original copycats”, I expect shits like you to criticize anyone who isn’t one your social words, “normal” or “civilized” (Harris 26). This passage from Harris’ journal can perhaps be describing the root of Harris’ evil and violence because of the fact that he states it is impossible to be original. As Staples suggests, boredom will cause youth to seek a distraction, which in Harris’ case is violence, to abate the anger that he suffers from because of the commonality between all people. Through violence, Harris hopes to create an originality within himself in which he can hopefully find satisfaction.


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