Forum #2

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

The first of Garbarino’s issues that I chose is child abuse. Though I have never experienced it personally, it is often shown in movies and books as one of the most life- changing events that can never be resolved. The beginning of one’s life is the time when one’s perception of the world is shaped. If one’s perception is beginning with abuse, happiness is a rarity and sometimes even nonexistent, which can contribute to violent thoughts and emotions that cannot be controlled due to the fact that those were the only experiences in the victims’ lives. The second reason is neurological problems, which is arguably the most difficult to deal with. From birth, some people are born with different brain processes and thoughts on reality that cannot be altered, let alone controlled. Because of this, they do not see their actions of violence as society does, making it seem like the right thing to do. And finally, and in my opinion the most interesting, is the environment in which these youths are brought up in. Being from the South side of Chicago, there are few safe neighborhoods to live in. Luckily, my neighborhood has been free of any serious crime, but my experience with those from high school that grew up  in Englewood, the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago, is life changing. Having heard stories about classmates’ experiences in this neighborhood has really shown me how different “home” can be just going to a different neighborhood. I have heard stories of their families growing up with little to no money, in which gangs and drugs seemed the only way to get by. Growing up in this type of environment can really change one’s priorities and opinions on how one should act.index

  1. Both you and I found that child abuse and neurological problems were two of the main issues that lead to youth violence. I didn’t focus as much on the area where they grew up and that’s an interesting issue to bring up. Where people are raised is very crucial as some who live in “scarier” parts of town feel the need to create a shell of violence around them to keep them safe. I focused my last issue on the idea that the South has more violence than the North, and that shaped how kids down in the southern states view violence. Similar I guess to where someone is raised, but slightly different than what you were talking about.


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